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  • Student Side Hustle

    be no wage except for your rent being paid for), that reside within the on-campus residences, taking care

  • Why Are We Holding on to Conspiracies So Much?

    So now that we’ve gone in circles and largely learnt nothing more than ‘definitions are hard’, why on earth does anyone care?

  • My Academic Journey (so far)

    Now in times of celebration (although I cannot say I particularly care about this graduation), I like That realisation hits hard. So I side-eyed the field of economics. As soon as my mom had picked me up and I was in the safety of her car, I balled my eyes out.

  • No News is Good News

    AIDS Care, 13, 351–365 Wyer, N. A. (2004).

  • Teaching to Learn

    That stuff is hard. And coding in itself requires large quantities of time to master. , I do not think it is the most awful thing I have ever done, but I do think it should be done with care

  • What Skills Do You Need in Behavioural Science?

    Without confidence, it’s hard to get stakeholders on board for experiments outside of the lab or survey At the age of thirteen, I ran a hot dog cart, and to this day, advise on projects connecting behavioral A lot of useful hard skills aren’t on my list.

  • How Do You Become a Neuroeconomist? (1/2)

    Partly because neuroeconomics is hard. From the animal care to the surgeries. I am up to date with most, but not all techniques.

  • Packaging Matters

    If you buy scissors, they come in both cardboard (back) and plastic (front) packaging.

  • Interview with Susan Michie

    she is also expert advisor to Public Health England and the UK Department of Health and Social Care,

  • The PhD Application Process Explained

    They know “who to call” and don’t care that much about the institution to begin with. Finding funding when playing “hard mode” looks a bit different.

  • Beerhavioural Science

    Given that 0.04-0.06% BAC can already lead to unconsciousness, shock, coma or death (cardiac or respiratory

  • Interview with Samuel Salzer

    And that is the accomplishment I am most proud of - spending almost three years working hard to establish It was hard. Super hard. Using behavioral science in practice is hard, and I hope to make it easier. It is a research field which uses high-quality evidence and careful reasoning to work out how to help

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