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Quick update here on my part. As I am really happy the blog has been well received, I should potentially make it a bit more clearer what I want from it. Firstly, thanks for reading it. I really do appreciate you taking the time. What I appreciate even more is you reaching out to me with questions. As a result of receiving some questions more than once, I have decided to start a Q&A part of the blog. Here I will quickly summarise the question(s) I have been receiving and answer them to my best extent. So if you have any questions, please send them in using the contact form, or via one of the socials. Of course I will keep the identity of the person asking the question hidden from the readers. Second, it is not just questions, but also suggestions I have been receiving. Given that I am not an expert in all topics concerning Behavioural Economics, I do not only encourage you sending suggestions, but please feel free to write your own article. Next week I will publish an article here on social preferences for giving by Bruce Rigal. This is also why the blog section "Peers" has been created. Third, I have been uploading a post almost everyday now. This has been possible as I am on summer break (not what people call a break but hey!). As I will start preparations for my second year of the PhD end of August, this uploading schedule might become too severe. I have been thinking to upload at least three articles per week, written by me, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Additional articles such as easy to answer Q&As or articles written by peers will not fall into this division and will be uploaded on Sundays. Again, thanks so much for all the support I have been given so far. I do appreciate it. Happy reading! x M


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