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My Behavioural Science Christmas 2022 Reading List!

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but 2022 has not been the greatest year for me in terms of reading. I have started several books, but haven’t really managed to finish them, because I got busy. Which is a terrible excuse, because I know a very busy behavioural scientist (Sam Salzer) who despite his many endeavours reads hundreds of books a year (no joke…). So to make up for lost reading time I thought I’d dive into the Christmas break with the best intentions. I got myself a full month off of work, and will spend a significant chunk of that time in the rural south of the Netherlands, as well as the Scottish highlands. Where better to read a book?! Because sharing is caring, I thought I’d share my Christmas reading list with you. These are the books I want to end 2022 with, and reading speed pending, will take into 2023. And they’re all behavioural science books, of course!


1. Evolutionary Ideas – Sam Tatam I have started it and then got busy (sorry Sam). I have somehow managed to find the time to listen to other people speak about it, and have even caught the odd podcast episode about it. All reviews were raving, so I just need to get my shit together and read it. No spoilers!

2. Influence is Your Superpower – Zoe Chance An amazing person to talk to, because she is an amazing story teller (and just an all-round great person). Ran into the same issue as I did with Sam – started it but didn’t finish it. Time to correct for that now!

3. Get It Done - Ayelet Fishbach Highly ironic given the fact that I don’t seem to be able to finish a book to save my life, but I have been looking forward to Ayelet’s “Get It Done”. Motivation has always been a fickle beast in my case so it’s time for me to get a better understanding of what’s going on and harness my own shortcomings into assets!

4. Quit - Annie Duke The irony train keeps going as the next book I want to read is not about ‘getting it done’ whatsoever, it’s about quitting. Annie Duke, who also wrote ‘Thinking in Bets’ – which I also still need to read – is heralded by several of my friends as a fantastic author (high praise from a bunch of engineers!). When I look at my own life I do think knowing when to say ‘no’, knowing when to walk away and knowing when to quit would be good things to learn. I’m keen to see what Annie has in store for me. 5. The Burnout Epidemic - Jennifer Moss A dangerous phenomenon which doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon: burnout. I knew that work stress and panic working were on the rise, but had no idea it was chronic stress in general which is on the rise. It’s time I learn more about this and try to avoid its many pitfalls. Especially as I am a bit of a workaholic.

6. Cloud Money – Brett Scott And last a book which is more finance-y than it is behavioural science. Given my specialization (payment methods) I need to (well, want to) stay up to date with both. This book outlines the possible outcomes of the ‘war on cash’ and what the differences between the different payment methods are, in terms of technology and politics, but also culturally. I’m always keen to read more about payment methods so this one is on the list!.

Now there's more than just these amazing books which I'll soon devour; there's books for which I'll need to have a little more patience... Erik Angner's 'How Economics Can Save the World' is in pre-order stage and so is Vishal George's 'Money Mindsets is in the pre-pre-order stage (don't ask). I know that as soon as these books drop I'll be MIA for a while making sure I read them cover to cover! In other news, my first book will also drop in 2023. But surprisingly enough, that book is not about behavioural science! Stay tuned... ;)


Back to the reading list at hand! If you’ve read any of these books, please tell me what you thought of them. And if you’re looking for more reading inspiration, check our Tim & Kurt’s reading list (Behavioral Grooves), Goodreads has a Behavioural Design list, Inc. put out a behavioural reading list and there’s also the 2022 BE Guide. Also, if you’re still way behind like me, the behavioural scientist’s summer favourites is also a good point to start 😊


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