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The Value of a PhD blog Which Breaks Down Financial Topics for a New Generation

Are you in need of a lesson when it comes to personal finances, but you want to go beyond the traditional topics that have been exhausted for the past few decades? You may be looking for a PhD blog originating from Coventry, UK that stands out in the crowd, that speaks to you as a consumer in a way that no other blog can. That is what Money on the Mind tries to tackle as it looks at behavioral economics and more as it pertains to consumer spending and financial literacy overall.
The thing about common PhD blog options out there is that they usually speak at a level that few can easily consume, understand. The Money on the Mind blog breaks down complex topics in a way that can speak to the masses, speak to a new generation to dive into financial topics you often do not hear about. These include things such as how smartphones impact consumer spending, kids and financial literacy, and more.

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