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Behavioral Insights into the Concept of Handing Out Free Money

Politics always seems to delve into the personal finance space in a big way. One of the things you often hear governments flirting with the idea of pertains to the giving away of “free” money. The idea here is that there would be money just handed out to individuals, with no work done in return for receiving that money. In terms of behavioral insights, is this a concept that works and can it work in our society?
The Money on the Mind blog dives into these behavioral insights to help you get a clearer picture as to whether or not this can work. It sounds great to have money just handed to you, but is that the right message and can it work in a society where it is so easy to just freely spend it? Read the blog and understand the behavioral factors behind such a move to grasp the concept better and where it is going in the future.

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