Behavioral Finance

Behavioral Finance and the Impact Constant Media is Having

The behaviors of everyone in the world continue to change when it comes to our finances. The changes that we are all going through are a result of the constant media that we continue to face. We all see so much in terms of entertainment. We see it on our televisions, on our tablets, at the train stations, and everywhere else in Coventry, UK and abroad. Behavioral finance comes into play as all of these media are changing the way we behave and spend as consumers.
Behavioral finance looks at the spending habits of generations, to look into how they are buying products, why they are consuming certain products or services, etc. Behavioral finance is a super interesting topic to dig into in detail and one that Money on the Mind spends a lot of time on. Looking at our behaviors, how generations react to things such as constant media, and how it relates to spending are all valuable topics to better understand as consumers.

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